AXO-Service Ltd

AXO-Service Ltd is a sales and marketing company for game technology.

The company is located in Kuusamo, Finland. 65°95’42.78″N 29°15’82.87″E

I am CEO Atte Kananen of AXO-Service Ltd (AXO). I started my company AXO when I figured out how games can be more effective (Patent 118907FI, US, AU and RU). Later on I realized how a value can be set to everything. As a result of this, the so-called PixelGame Technology. In PixelGame Technology, every drawn pixel is handled as a game choice and the bitmap functions as the game area. This PixelGame Technology invention makes it possible that all data (e.g., the text you are reading right now) can be played.

PixelGame Technology solve to problem: How information (Image, Text and Sound) can be a game.

Contact info:  AXO-Service Oy, 2036658-7, Torangintaival 4, 93600 Kuusamo, Finland.

Atte Kananen, CEO,, +358 400 461 203.


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